Suffocating Secrets By E.A Owen – ARC from Author

ARC received from Author for free in return for my honest review!



Trevor Williams will stop at nothing to make sure his daughter, Isabella, is safe. But Trevor’s world is suddenly thrown into turmoil when a seemingly unstoppable killer tortures the community without mercy. With no leads or suspects, a fear-stricken town panics, hiding behind locked doors.

Isabella, a loner with more secrets than friends, is desperate to be understood. Amidst the fear and anxiety, Isabella lives her life as best she can, unaware that even her doting father has secrets of his own.

Is the bond between father and daughter strong enough to survive the death trap surrounding them, or will their secrets make them the next target?

My Thoughts/Review:

Firstly I would like to reach out to the Author of this book Elizabeth for letting me have the opportunity to be the first person to read this book and the first to review it. I can’t thankyou enough for thinking of me again! I met this author through a book group I am part of on facebook! So thankyou so much for the opportunity in receiving this ARC for free in return for my honest opinion and review.

I first was introduced to the Tragic Mercy Series at the end of January when I got to read and review the first book of this series.

In the first book we were introduced to many different characters from the same family – learning about their families and the curse that has followed them for many years. The curse is finally broken within book one and the family start to move on with their lives.

In book two we are left to follow the journey further of one of the main characters from the first book Trevor and his daughter Isabella. Isabella becomes the main focus for book two. Isabella is an amazing person with a passion for reading, just like myself! Actually at times Isabella reminded me a little of myself which was nice. However she is super intelligent and because of this and skipping a grade at school she began to be bullied by her so called friends and peers and this brought out a dark side to her that she never let anyone see.

Eventually she lets in her roomate through college Carrie who she confides all her deepest secrets to and Carrie does the same with her. We follow Isabella through a few years of her life where she goes from a 10year old to a 23 year old dentist! She has done amazing things through her short life and even opened her own practices. But the darkness follows her and she is having constant nightmares. She sees a psychologist Dr Marshall to help with her nightmares an he puts her under hypnosis to try and get to the bottom of the nightmares she is having. He kicks her out after this session and tells her not to return. Eventually we find out why Isabella was given the boot from her psychologist and it was not what I was expecting. There is a lot of darkness and evilness in that girl! It seems that the curse was never lifted from the family!!!

We also follow Trevor a little bit more in his journey of being a parent and trying to date with a young daughter. Eventually he finds a new love and things settle down. He is the happiest he has been for a very long time as well. But when things start going wrong for Isabella he is always there – just like he is supposed to be, he supports and helps Isabella in the best of his ability! He’s an amazing dad. But at the end of the book his support may just be a little over the top and from the dark side of the tracks!

Mary his Grandmother is still living in the little house on her grandson’s property and Isabella and Trevor are her life. Her only surviving family members and she loves being around them. However as the book goes on poor Mary seems to be loosing her memory and Isabella does what she can to spend more time with her! However unfortunately Mary gets worse and she passes away.

I loved this book, just like I loved the first. Between the first book and this book the author has grown and her writing skills have improved tenfold! This book was so much more detailed and flowed so well. I’m very impressed. However this book isn’t for the faint hearted! It is quite dark and full of very horrible themes of murder and death! I would recommend this book to adults only.

Links to Goodreads and Amazon Au:

know I would normally also give you a link for kobo Au but this Book is not yet available on Kobo for purchase!

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