A Curse of Torment by E.A. Owen – free copy in exchange for a review

I received this book from the author E.A. Owens in return for my honest review.


Can an ancient curse that has been attempting to destroy a family for a century finally be broken, or is this family doomed forever?When twelve-year-old Mary Walker’s parents are killed in a tragic car accident, her perfect world comes crashing down around her. Over the years, Mary strives to heal from the tragedy by learning to appreciate the little things in life. She soon realizes all she wants is to fall in love and be happy. But misfortune visits her again when Mary’s storybook romance is shattered by her husband’s affair and the death of her only child.Mary must find the strength to rise above her grief and break an ancient family curse, before it’s too late. However, when Mary discovers there is a malevolent force preventing the curse from being destroyed, she must find a way to defeat it before it silences her forever, thereby dooming her family to endless torment.

My thoughts/Review:

Please be aware there is some spoilers in my review! This short 130page book is an interesting story.

We start off learning about Mary and her family/parents. Which unfortunately did not have a happy outcome. Mary’s parents died when she was just 12 years old. However she realised that she has to appreciate the little things in life. In university she met and fell in love with Elliott. They had a little girl Natalie.

However again tragedy struck for Natalie and Mary, when Natalie was 11-13 years of age she was raped and ended up having twins to her rapist as she didn’t want to abort them. Because of this Elliott left earth for good.

The twins were adopted out and Mary and Natalie were ready to move towns and try to move on with their life. Again another tragedy struck and Mary was once again left on her own.

We then move on to learn about the life of Trevor and Julia, two teens who meet when Julia moves town with her parents once again. They start getting to know one another and seem to just be starting to fall for each other when Julia is in a tragic accident with her parents which put her into a coma.

On waking Julia had to start regaining her memories. With the help of Trevor by her side.

Trevor comes from a family with many problems as well but over time these things start to get better with the help of his dad and he thinks everything is going perfectly.

Eventually Trevor and Julia get married and have a baby girl and that’s where the plot gets so much more interesting! But I won’t give away the ending but trust me you want to read it till the end.

Overall I quite enjoyed this book. The style or writing is simple and understandable and just easy to read and it’s just what you need in a story that is not all that long! It didn’t drag out or keep me guessing! Loved it 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Curse of Torment by E.A. Owen – free copy in exchange for a review”

  1. I have a a absolutely loved this book! I enjoy reading books by new authors too. This book really grabbed my attention and I could not put it down! I highly recommend reading this book!

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    1. Hi Anne, isn’t it a great book! I’m friends with the author and just love her books so far! If you wouldn’t mind leaving her a review on Amazon as well that would be great! But I’m glad you liked the book and happy to see that you liked my review 🙂


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